#1 Song October 20 2008

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#1 Song October 20 2008

The Hottest Single of October 20, 2008

October 20, 2008, a day that will be etched in the memories of music lovers around the world. It was a time when music was evolving, and new sounds were emerging. But on this specific day, one song stood tall, a song that captured the hearts of millions and topped the charts.


"So What" by Pink

"So What" by Pink was the #1 song on October 20, 2008. This upbeat anthem was a game-changer for the American singer-songwriter. Released as the lead single from her fifth studio album, "Funhouse", "So What" marked a new direction in Pink's music.

The Song's Success

The song's success was unprecedented. It debuted at number nine on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and quickly climbed to the top spot, staying there for one week. It also reached number one on the US Billboard Pop Songs chart and number two on the US Billboard Adult Pop Songs chart.

The Song's Meaning

"So What" is an empowering anthem about moving on from a past relationship. The song's lyrics are about embracing independence and not letting the ghosts of past relationships haunt you. Pink's powerful vocals and the song's catchy melody made it an instant hit with fans.

Lasting Impact

The success of "So What" paved the way for Pink's subsequent albums, cementing her status as a pop icon. The song's influence can still be felt in today's music, with many artists drawing inspiration from its empowering message and catchy hooks.


October 20, 2008, was a day that belonged to Pink and her hit single "So What". The song's catchy melody, empowering lyrics, and Pink's powerful vocals made it a chart-topper. Its impact on the music industry still resonates today, making "So What" a timeless classic.

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