#1 Song On October 4th 2006

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#1 Song On October 4th 2006

The #1 Song on October 4th, 2006

On October 4th, 2006, the music charts were dominated by a catchy and upbeat tune that captured the hearts of music lovers around the world. According to the Billboard Hot 100 chart, the #1 song on October 4th, 2006 was...

"SexyBack" by Justin Timberlake

The Song That Brought Sexy Back

"SexyBack" was the lead single from Justin Timberlake's debut solo album, FutureSex/LoveSounds. The song was written and produced by Timberlake, Timbaland, and Nate "Danja" Hills. It was released on July 18, 2006, and it didn't take long for it to reach the top of the charts.

A New Sound for JT

"SexyBack" marked a significant departure from Timberlake's previous work with NSYNC. The song's futuristic, electro-rap sound was a bold new direction for the artist, and it paid off. The song's catchy hook, infectious beat, and JT's smooth vocals made it an instant hit.

Chart Performance

"SexyBack" debuted at number 90 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on August 5, 2006. It quickly rose to the top, reaching number one on October 4, 2006, where it stayed for seven consecutive weeks. The song also topped the charts in several other countries, including Australia, Canada, and the UK.

Impact and Legacy

"SexyBack" was a critical and commercial success, earning Timberlake a Grammy nomination for Record of the Year. The song's influence can still be heard in modern pop and R&B music, and it's widely regarded as one of the best songs of the 2000s.

So there you have it - "SexyBack" was the #1 song on October 4th, 2006. It's a testament to Justin Timberlake's innovative spirit and his ability to create music that stands the test of time.

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