Dell Curry Full Name

3 min read Jul 11, 2024
Dell Curry Full Name

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Dell Curry: The Man Behind the Name

Dell Curry, the father of NBA superstars Stephen Curry and Seth Curry, is a well-known name in basketball. While his sons have dominated the league with their shooting prowess, Dell Curry was a sharpshooter in his own right.

He was born Wardell Stephen Curry on June 25, 1964, in Charlotte, North Carolina. His full name is Wardell Stephen Curry, Sr. This is often overlooked, especially with his sons sharing the same first and middle name.

His Legacy on the Court

Dell Curry was a prolific scorer during his 16-year career in the NBA. He played for several teams, including the Charlotte Hornets, Toronto Raptors, and Milwaukee Bucks, but his most memorable years were spent with the Hornets.

He was known for his exceptional three-point shooting, earning him the nickname "The Shooter." His high-scoring performances and electrifying plays, combined with his signature hairstyle, made him a beloved figure in Charlotte and a fan favorite throughout the league.

A Legacy Passed Down

His children, Stephen and Seth Curry, have carried the family legacy of sharpshooting. They have both established themselves as elite shooters in the NBA, drawing inspiration from their father's skills and work ethic.

The name "Curry" has become synonymous with basketball excellence and precise shooting. It's a testament to the influence of Dell Curry, the man behind the name. He continues to be a role model for his sons and many other aspiring players, reminding them that hard work and dedication can take you to the highest level of the game.