Ella May Clapton

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Ella May Clapton

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Ella May Clapton: Eric Clapton's Daughter

Ella May Clapton is the daughter of legendary guitarist Eric Clapton and model and actress Melia McEnery. She was born in 2003 and is the youngest of Clapton's three children.

Early Life and Family

Ella May Clapton was born into a famous family. Her father, Eric Clapton, is a renowned guitarist and singer, known for his contributions to blues, rock, and pop music. Her mother, Melia McEnery, is a former model and actress. Ella May has two older siblings: Ruth Clapton, born in 1985, and Connor Clapton, born in 1991.

Personal Life and Interests

Ella May Clapton is a private person who keeps a low profile. Not much is known about her personal life and interests. However, she has been seen attending events with her father and family.

Relationship with her Father

Despite her father's fame, Ella May Clapton has maintained a close relationship with him. She has been seen attending his concerts and supporting his musical endeavors. Eric Clapton has also spoken fondly about his daughter, describing her as a bright and talented young woman.

Education and Future Plans

Information about Ella May Clapton's education is not publicly available. However, it is likely that she is currently pursuing her studies. Her future plans remain unknown, but given her family background, it is possible that she may have an interest in the arts or entertainment industry.


Ella May Clapton is a young woman living a relatively private life. While she is the daughter of a music icon, she has maintained her own identity and individuality. It is likely that she will continue to live a fulfilling life, away from the spotlight, while enjoying the support of her loving family.