Jon Labbett

3 min read Jul 11, 2024
Jon Labbett

Jon Labbett: The 'Beast' of 'The Chase'

Jon Labbett, fondly known as "The Beast" on the British game show "The Chase," is a renowned quizzer and television personality. His imposing physique and formidable intellect have made him a fan favorite, captivating viewers with his quick wit, encyclopedic knowledge, and relentless pursuit of contestants.

From Teacher to Television Star

Labbett's journey to fame started with a background in education. He holds a Master's degree in History from the University of Exeter and spent years teaching in schools. However, his passion for trivia and his formidable knowledge soon led him to the world of quizzing.

The Rise of the "Beast"

Labbett's quizzing prowess was undeniable. He excelled in various competitions, culminating in his breakthrough appearance on "The Chase" in 2010. His impressive performance quickly earned him the nickname "The Beast," reflecting his relentless pursuit of contestants and his formidable knowledge across a wide range of subjects.

Beyond "The Chase"

Labbett's popularity has expanded beyond "The Chase," with him appearing on various television shows. He has participated in "Celebrity Mastermind" and "Pointless" and even hosted "The Chase: Celebrity Special." He has also become a regular fixture on quiz shows like "Countdown" and "University Challenge," proving his versatility as a quizzer.

A Charitable Side

Beyond his television persona, Labbett is also a dedicated philanthropist. He is an active supporter of the charity "Diabetes UK," using his platform to raise awareness about the condition.


Jon Labbett's journey from teacher to quizzing star has been remarkable. His unwavering passion for knowledge, combined with his engaging personality and impressive performance on "The Chase," has made him a household name. His legacy will likely continue to inspire aspiring quiz champions and entertain viewers for years to come.