Robert Horry First Wife

3 min read Jul 11, 2024
Robert Horry First Wife

Robert Horry's First Wife: A Look at His Early Life and Relationships

Robert Horry, known as "Big Shot Bob" for his clutch performances in the NBA, has a fascinating personal life that often gets overshadowed by his athletic achievements. While his career is well-documented, details about his first wife, Lori Horry, are less widely known.

Early Life and Relationship

Robert Horry and Lori met while attending University of Alabama, where Horry played college basketball. They married in 1992 shortly after Horry was drafted by the Houston Rockets. While specifics about their relationship are scarce, it's understood that they were together during Horry's early years in the NBA, a period marked by significant growth and success.

The Split and Moving On

The couple later divorced, and the details of their separation remain largely private. There's no public information about the specific reasons for their split. Following their separation, Robert Horry went on to marry Angela Horry, whom he met during his time with the Los Angeles Lakers.

A Focus on Family

Throughout his career, Robert Horry has maintained a strong focus on family, often crediting his children for his dedication and drive. While his first marriage is not widely discussed, it is a part of his life that shaped him into the person and player he became.

The Legacy of Robert Horry

Robert Horry's legacy is defined by his contributions to the NBA and his ability to perform under pressure. His first marriage, while not the center of public attention, is an important aspect of his story, highlighting the influence of family and personal relationships on his life journey.